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              It is common to see the bubbled or discolored window film on cars on the road. Whether this phenomenon will occur for Profilm window film?


              This phenomenon is usually happened on the low-end window film. Bubbling is due to the use of unstable installation adhesive, or improper installation process. The cause of discoloration is the fading of dyed PET substrate or the deterioration of the dye components.

              Profilm adopts high-end materials from all over the road to ensure excellent stability. 

              What is the difference between qualified and inferior window film with the same appearance?

              Although they look the same, they differ greatly in use. Inferior window film has a lot of problems, easy to fade, bubbling, residual adhesive after removal, substandard heat/UV insulation effect. And inferior window film contains harmful substances to human health, such as formaldehyde and benzene.

              How does the window film block heat and UV rays?

              Heat transfer is a complicated phenomenon, which is often divided into three basic modes, heat radiation, heat convection and heat conduction. The main heat transfer way of sunlight is direct radiation of sunlight. Automobile interior decoration constantly absorbs the heat of sunlight, which leads to the temperature rise of interior space, while automobile film mainly achieves the effect of heat insulation by reducing the heat radiation energy of the sun.

              The ultraviolet ray in sunlight penetrates strong, which can make human skin melanin deposit. Excessive ultraviolet ray can cause skin cancer, also can cause car interior decoration to aging fade. Window film through the addition of ultraviolet absorbers to achieve the purpose of blocking ultraviolet rays, normal window film UV transmittance is below 1%, and skin care film UV transmittance can reach 0.

              What are the benefits of window film?

              1. Heat insulation. Window film can block the infrared ray of sunlight very well, reduce the heat that enters the car.

              2. UV block.The film can block more than 99 percent of the UV rays, preventing skin damage, and can also reduce car interior fading.

              3. Safety protection. It can prevent the accidental breakage of the glass from causing damage to the drivers.

              4. Privacy. Choosing the right film can keep privacy and security.

              5. Energy conservation. Affixed with window film, improved air-conditioning cooling efficiency can save oil consumption.

              6. Elegance. A wide variety of window films can beautify cars personalized.

              7. Reducing glare.

              Which part of the sun's rays does it consist of? How does general window film deal with these kinds of light rays?

              Sunlight mainly includes three parts: visible light, infrared light and ultraviolet light. These three components contain 44 percent, 53 percent and 3 percent heat, respectively. Infrared light has the highest amount of heat, which needs to be blocked by window film. UV rays, which can damage skin health and car interiors, also need to be largely blocked. Visible light is the light visible to human eyes. related to visual security and privacy. Car owners can choose products of different colors and visible light transmittance according to their own requirements.

              Now all cars have air conditioner. Do you still need window film?


              On the one hand, the window film in addition to blocking infrared ray, also can block UV ray. UV ray can damage skin and car interiors. On the other hand, under the heat of the sun, even if you turn on the air conditioner, the sun will still enter the car through the windows. This radiant heat can make people feel sweltering and fatigue. After installing the window film, more than 99% UV ray and most radiation heat can be blocked. At the same time, window film can save energy consumption of air conditioner.