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              Company Profile

              Our Background

              Profilm is a cutting-edge window film company founded by industry leaders from around the world. Our team is made up of experienced professionals in R&D, manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing. We’ve come together as the Profilm Group with a single mission – to offer you the best available factory-direct window film and paint protection film (PPF).

              We offer a human-to-human connection, rather than corporation-to-consumer. We partner with you to turn your product requirements into reality.

              Our Facilities

              We invest in our facilities and our tech on an ongoing basis. We currently have 38 coating and laminating lines, 3 soft mould lines, 2 PET extrusion lines, 1 sputtering chamber, 1 co-extrusion line and 1 pilot line that drives in-house research and development.

              Our production capabilities include extrusion, metalising, sputtering, coating, laminating and slitting.

              The result is clear to see – the highest quality window and paint protection films.


              Our Commitment

              Our commitment to environmental best practices means that we manufacture our products in state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly facilities using energy from renewable sources. All our packaging carries Forest Stewardship Council certification.
              Our window film also offers environmental benefits: applying window film to vehicles or buildings reduces the aircon/HVAC loads. This lowers greenhouse gas emissions while avoiding higher fuel and energy costs.
              Our commitment to our clients is twofold – quality products, delivered with ease. Our global sales and distribution team ensure that doing business with us is easier, more efficient and ultimately more enjoyable. We currently distribute to customers in 40 countries with new partners being added each day.


              Our Associations

              Chief Scientist Wei Huang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is an international expert in organic photoelectric materials. Wei works with our post-doctoral new product development team to enhance our range and to bring new products to the market.
              Innovation is at our core and we value our relationships with the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering (NIMTE) and the Ningbo University.

              Company profile
              Brand Concept

              Professionalism, innovation and integrity are our central tenets.

              By working with you, our mission is to build win-win relationships across the globe

              WIN-WIN WIN-WIN
              Global Network

              We are headquartered in Shanghai China from where we service China and Asia.

              The EMEA, Russia and India region is serviced from our United Kingdom subsidiary.

              The North American subsidiary services the Americas and Canada.

              The Australian subsidiary services Oceania.

              Global Network
              Global Network
              MS Hybrid

              Profilm adopts the latest "MS Hybrid" technology, which combines the advantages of nano-coating technology and magnetron sputtering technology. Nano-coating technology can reduce product oxidation and make the product more stable. Magnetron sputtering technology can reflect heat and minimize the heat entering into the car. MS Hybrid technology perfectly solves the balance between heat insulation, energy efficiency, signal blocking and product stability.


              Use magnetron sputtering technology to sputter gold, silver, titanium, nickel and other precious metal/alloy materials onto high-quality optical substrate (PET). The product has high clarity, good heat insulation, low reflection, scratch resistance, non-fading and good security protection.


              By coating and using magnetron sputtering technology, nano-ceramic particles are added to absorb heat to achieve thermal insulation.The product will not fade. 7 year warranty. Signal enabling.


              By depositing heat rejecting metals on the optical PET to reflect the suns heat energy we achieve far greater clarity and better heat insulation.5 year warranty.


              No metal coating, direct dyeing on the adhesive layer. 2 year warranty.


              Profilm PPF is composed of repair layer, TPU substrate and adhesive layer, which perfectly protects the original car paint and maintain the value of the car.

              ·Unique self repair coating, scratch resistance.

              ·Strong corrosion resistance, resist rain stains, bird droppings and other contaminations.

              ·Easy to clean and install.

              ·Greatly improve the brightness of car paint, block UV light, prevent paint fading.

              Profilm choose ultra-clear casting TPU film, which is more clarity, lower haze and better softness. Manufactured PPF shows better installation and yellowing resistance, protects the paint surface against chips and scratches.

              Optical pressure sensitive adhesive, cover the original micro-scratch, easy to install with good edge sealing, no residual adhesive after removal, high clarity and yellowing resistance.